Biostatistics and Epidemiology International Journal (BEIJ)

Open Access Journal

Frequency: Bi-Monthly

ISSN 2630-8525

Reviewer Board

Dr. Natasha Sahr

 St. Jude Research Hospital


Research Interest: Natasha's research interests include: Variable selection; Variable screening; Penalized regression; Survival analysis; Clinical trial design; Bayesian clinical trial design; Statistical genetics; Personalized medicine; Machine learning; Multivariate analysis

Christopher Grogan



Research Interest: Dr. Christopher Grogan’s research experience includes: Advanced pre-clinical, & Phase I-III clinical study design Likelihood based statistical analysis, modeling, & programming (R, JMP, & SAS (PC/UNIX)) Experience (CDISC & Non CDISC) in the analysis of incomplete data Adaptive & non-adaptive randomization Study design feasibility evaluations Sample size & power calculations (bioequivalence, non-inferiority, superiority) Extensive code & specification development, production, review, user acceptance testing, & QC/validation analysis && programming experience. 

Zheng Li

 Novartis Pharmaceuticals


Research Interest: Adaptive clinical designs, Missing data imputation, Machine learning and Joint modeling methods.

Tewodros G Kebede

 Universitatsmedizin Greifswald


Research Interest: Response models in health sample surveys, statistical methods for RCT, causal inference and the application of Bayesian statistics in clinical trials as well as studying the application of modern era applied statistics in medicine.

Ausaf Ahmad

 Integral University Lucknow


Research Interest: Biostatistics and Epidemiology

Shengzhi Sun

 Brown University


Research Interest: Environmental epidemiology

Donald Warden

 The University of Memphis


Research Interest: Study Design and HIV/AIDS

Maryam Yazdi

 Isfahan University of Medical Sciences


Research Interest: latent variable modeling, hierarchical models, Mixture models GLMs, SEM, quantile regression, spatial modeling

Rony Zhang

 University of Texas


Research Interest: Ggeriatric oncology, palliative oncology, nutritional epidemiology, cancer epidemiology, meta-analysis, cancer prevention/survivorship, aging and public health

Akhtar Hossain

 University of South Carolina


Research Interest: Survival analysis, Joint modeling, Multistate modeling, Longitudinal data analysis, Maternal mortality, Child survival, Intimate partner violence, HIV/AIDS

Cladnos Mapfumo

 Stellenbosch Univesity


Research Interest: Survival analysis, Causal inference, Design and analysis of clinical trials, Longitudinal data analysis and Statistical methods in epidemiology