Journal of Nutrition, Food Research and Technology (JNFRT)

Open Access Journal

Frequency: Bi-Monthly

ISSN 2630-8096

Reviewer Board

Ruixue Hou

 UNC Chapel Hill


Research Interest: Ruixue's work focuses on nutrition epidemiology and how it interacts with genetic variants to affect health outcomes.

Bruno Lemos

 University of Connecticut


Research Interest: 1) lipid metabolism focusing of lipoproteins, especially HDL 2) preventing risk for cardiovascular diseases in regards to a nutrition aspect

Sabri Bromage

 Harvard University


Research Interest: Nutritional Epidemiology in low- and middle-income regions, with substantive areas in nutrition surveillance, dietary and micronutrient deficiencies, measures of dietary quality and food security, maternal and child health and development, calcium and vitamin D, tuberculosis, central and south Asia, and intersections between nutritional, environmental, and infectious disease epidemiology.

Bhavesh Jani

 Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University


Research Interest: Post Harvest Engineering and Technology, Food Engineering, Food Technology, Agricultural By-Products Processing

Christina Dietz

 University of Nottingham

 United Kingdom

Research Interest: Sensory and analytical characterization of hop essential oil; Green tea phytochemicals, effects on mood and cognitive performance, technological properties of green tea materials, implementation in food and beverages; Meat science and processing technology, sensory and physico-chemical analysis, flavouring and flavour-masking products, NPD of functional ingredients for meat industry

Vahid Baeghbali

 Shiraz University


Research Interest: Drying Technology, Food engineering and Optimization

Pratik Patel

 Surat District Cooperative Milk Union Limited (Sumul Dairy)


Research Interest: Pratik's research interests primarily focus on dairy processing.

Maliha Munir

 Texas Tech University


Research Interest: Maliha's current research focuses on evaluating the efficacy of vitamin D (VD3) in interaction between tumor and macrophages in cancer microenvironment. 

Jinglin Zhang

 University of Maryland, College Park


Research Interest: nano-scale delivery system, encapsulation of bioactive compounds, functional food.

Amr Bakry

 Huazhong Agricultural University


Research Interest: Amr's research interests are in dairy science & food science and technology, including milk products, food chemistry, microbiology, functional foods, emulsions, oils, lipids, food hydrocolloids, food rheology, nutrition, flavor chemistry and food preservation. In addition, nanotechnology and microtechnology. Recently, meat products and Maillard reaction.

Aswathi Soni

 University of Otago

 New Zealand

Research Interest: Food microbiology, Thermal resistance, Bacillus spores

Anuradha Shekhar Olate

 SNDT/ Dr. BMN College of Home Science


Research Interest: Food Product Development, Clinical Research, Food Science

Seyed Amir Oleyaei

 Ferdowsi University of Mashhad


Research Interest: 1) Nanocomposite film and coating 2) Biodegradable film and coating 3) Aerogel 4) Rheology of hydrocolloids 5) Biopolymers 6) Food packaging 7) Nanoparticles 8) Gum

Jie Hong Chiang

 Massey University

 New Zealand

Research Interest: Jie Hong's current research interests involve: • Conventional emulsion and nanoemulsions • Microencapsulation of bioactive compounds • Protein-protein interactions • Enzymatic hydrolysis of protein • Flavour development through Maillard reaction • Sensory evaluation

Fayaj Pathan

 MIT Art, Design and Technology University


Abdel Raheam El-Bassir

 Omdurman Islamic University


Research Interest: Food Research, Fish Biology and Fisheries, Nutrition and Food Technology

Zakir Khan

 Islamic University of Science and Technology


Research Interest: Rheology of fruit products like jams and drying of fruits and vegetables

Pankajkumar Waghmare

 Shivaji University Kolhapur


Research Interest: Biochemistry, Virology, Bioenergy

Ahmad Ehtiati

 Food Science and Technology Research Institute, ACECR, Khorasan Razavi Branch


Research Interest: Starch characterization and modification. Hydrocolloids applications. Researches planning and statistical analysis including Factorial, Response Surface and Mixture design. Food process modelling using AI methods including Artificial neural network modelling and Genetic Algorithm optimization.

Habtamu Didanna

 Wolaita Sodo University


Research Interest: natural/life sciences including farm/food animal biology and performance, livestock-origin food production, dairy farm management/practices, milk quality management, role of dairy production in food and nutrition security, dairy systems analysis/value chains