Journal of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Sciences (JOGPS)

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Frequency: Bi-Monthly

ISSN 2630-8541

Reviewer Board

Edwin Ayuk Ndip

 University of Ibadan


Research Interest: Edwin's research primarily focus on petroleum geosciences and organic geochemical characterisation of source rocks and petroleum.

Jia Yao

 University of Wyoming


Research Interest: 3D printing, microfluidics, multiphase behavior.

Hamed Vahabi

 Colorado State University


Research Interest: Hamed's research interests lie in tailoring the solid-liquid interactions to control the droplet/liquid wetting and dynamics. He primarily focuses on fundamental understanding and experimental development of the advanced polymer-based functional surfaces and coatings with potential applications in tuning the fluid flow and heat transfer.

Mohammad Masoudi

 Petroleum University of Technology


Research Interest: EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery), Reservoir Modeling, Reservoir fluids phase behavior. Flow assurance: Asphaltene Precipitation Prediction and Prevention

Richmond Ideozu

 University of PortHarcourt


Research Interest: Sedimentology and reservoir geology, Petroleum geochemistry, Biostratigraphy, Structural geology, Petroleum geology, Exploration Geophysics

Amjad El-Qanni

 An-Najah National University


Research Interest: Chemical Engineering, Energy and Environment, Nanotechnology, Adsorption, Catalysis, Wastewater Treatment

Seunghwan Baek

 Texas A&M University


Farrukh Hamza



Research Interest: Conventional and unconventional petrophysics, petroleum geomechanics, reservoir engineering, hydraulic fracturing, production management, formation evaluation, fluid flow through porous media, data analytics, and machine learning

Priyank Srivastava

 University of Oklahoma


Research Interest: Well testing, Reservoir characterization, Reservoir modelling

Hector Akangbou

 University of Salford

 United Kingdom

Research Interest: Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), reservoir numerical simulation, reservoir engineering, fluid flow in porous media and horizontal well optimization in a bottom water-oil reservoir.

Tural Jafarov

 King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals


Research Interest: Drilling Fluid Engineering, Non-damaging Drilling Fluids, Unconventional Drilling & Production, Tight Gas Reservoirs.

Yanhui Zhang

 King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

 Saudi Arabia

Research Interest: Yanhui's research interests cover the topics of reservoir characterization, history matching , optimization and uncertainty quantification.

Maziar Arshadi

 University of Wyoming


Research Interest: Pore-scale displacement, multi-phase flow through fractured and porous media, multi-phase flow and geomechanical deformation in proppant-packed hydraulic fractures, Unconventional reservoirs, Displacement of NAPL by surfactant and microemulsion, EOR techniques, Wettability alteration and restoration, X-ray tomography, Multi-scale imaging of porous media, digital rock, Pore-scale network modeling

Olawale Adekunle

 Colorado School of Mines


Fatemeh Razavi

 University of Alberta


Shadi Salahshoor

 University of Oklahoma


Research Interest: Unconventional Oil & Gas Reservoirs Fluid Flow and Phase Behavior in Oil and Gas Reservoirs Thermodynamics of Petroleum Reservoirs Natural Gas Engineering

Azza Abbas

 Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


Mohit Paryani

 FracGeo LLC


Sukanta De

 Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation


Research Interest: Petroleum Geology, Seismic Data Interpretation, Well Log Data Interpretation and Formation Evaluation, Gas Hydrates, Sequence Stratigraphy

Arian Velayati

 University of Alberta


Mahdi Ramezanian

 Texas Tech University


Seyed Hamidreza Yousefi

 Amirkabir University of Technology


Haleh Karbalaali

 Amirkabir University of Technology


Pouyan Ebrahimi

 Oklahoma State University


Morteza Azadpour

 Amirkabir University of Technology


Venkataramana Putcha

 Pennsylvania State University


Research Interest: Petroleum engineering, applications of data science in petroleum engineering, applications of neural networks in engineering fields

Payam Alikhani

 Politecnico di Milano