Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Research Open Access Journal (PPROAJ)

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Reviewer Board

MarĂ­a Daniela Santi



Research Interest: Therapeutic potential of natural products (bioactive flavonoids) in neurodegenerative diseases, and natural compounds with influence on melanogenesis.

Mahdi Alsugoor

 Umm Al-Qura University

 Saudi Arabia

Research Interest: nitrite oxide synthase and its role in inflammation, glucocorticoids mechanism of action, antibiotic stewardship and stem cells

Mohammad Kaisarul Islam

 University of Dhaka


Research Interest: Drug design and discovery, including anticancer drug development and telomere/telomerase-targeted drug discovery.

Maheshkumar V P

 Annamalai University


Research Interest: Pharmacy Practice, Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacoeconomics and Outcome Research, Social and Administrative Pharmacy

Masoud Hamidi

 Guilan University of Medical Sciences


Research Interest: Cancer therapy, Secondary metabolites, Microbial biotechnology, Carotenoids, Exopolysaccaride

Pierre-Axel Vinot

 Sorbonne Universite INSERM APHP


Research Interest: Immune Tolerance, Tregs, Biotherapies, Autoimmune diseases, Allergy

Saeed Taheri

 Shahid Behesti University of Medial Science


Research Interest: clinical outcome researches, cost-effectiveness studies, health technology assesment, health care policy studies, patient-reported outcomes, and patient preference studies (PRO) policy.

Mark Anderson

 University of California


Research Interest: Biochemistry and Food Biology

Aravind Gade

 Weill Cornell Medical College


Research Interest: Aravind's research interests are primarily focused on ion channel research: Ion channel expressed in the gatrointestinal tracts, smooth muscle cells and neurons; Ion channels as drug targets; Posttranslational modification of Ion channels; Gatsrointesinal physiology and Phramacology; Cardio vascular sciences; Neurobiology.

Arshad Ali Khan

 Universiti Malaysia Pahang


Research Interest: Formulation and development of solid lipid nanoparticles (SLNs), nanostructured lipid carriers (NLCs) and self nanoemulsifying drug delivery systems (SNEDDS) for the treatment of HIV and cancer and their preclinical studies. Formulation and development of parenteral preparations for the treatment of cancer. Preparation of solid dosage form such as tablets using single/multiple punch tableting machine. Development and validation of HPLC method for pharmaceutical analysis. Lyophilization studies of lipid-based nanoformulation. Stability studies of lipid-based nanoformulation using ICH Q2R1 guidelines. Caco-2 cell line experiment for in vitro indirect intestinal lymphatic uptake study.

Alimuddin Saifi

 NKBR College of Pharmacy and Research Centre


Research Interest: Natural Medicines of the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus and Motor Neuron Disease; Pharmacological screening of herbal or plant medicines for different diseases