Vaccines and Immunology Open Access Journal (VIOAJ)

Open Access Journal

Frequency: Tri-Monthly

ISSN 2630-9270

Reviewer Board

Dr. Jingya Xia

 University of Massachusetts Medical School


Research Interest: 1. T and B cell response to infections (influenza, WNV, HSV2) and vaccines (live attenuated, single cycle and formalin inactivated flu vaccine) 2. Vaccine immunogenicity 3. The generation of T and B memory cells (CD4, CD8 T and B cell) 4. Animal model (including mouse model and guinea pig model). 5. Impact of innate signals to adaptive immune responses

Dr. Antonia Evripioti

 Imperial College London


Research Interest: virology, HBV, liver disease, hepatocytes, cell & gene therapy, lentiviral vectors, synthetic biology, hematopoietic system, immunology

Dr. Paurvi Shinde

 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center


Research Interest: Infectious Diseases (HSV-2, HIV-1, WNV), T cell responses, Vaccines, Adjuvants, Costimulatory agonists, Immunotherapy.

Dr. Bharat Kumar chaganty

 Visterra, inc.


Research Interest: Bacterial, viral and cancer vaccines. Antibody therapeutics Immunology and immunotherapy

Dr. Chouaki Nassima



Research Interest: Immunology, Virology, Host pathogen interraction, oncology, infectiology

Dr. Eswari Dodagatta



Research Interest: Immunotherapy, Cancer research, Innate immunology, Cancer immunology

Dr. Roxana Rodriguez

 Universidad nacional autonoma de Mexico


Dr. Himavanth Gatla

 Johns Hopkins Medicine


Research Interest: I am interested in Immunotherapy, specifically in the tumor microenvironment constituents, and their role. 

Dr. Chinmay Surve

 Albert Einstein college of Medicine


Research Interest: Oncology, Immuno-oncology, drug development, cell migration

Dr. Ioannis Goniotakis

 University of Crete


Research Interest: I am physician, currently working as a paediatrics Resident. I have a special research interest in Vaccines and Infection control in children and adolescents (Master's Level qualification). 

Dr. Piergiuseppe Nestola

 Janssen Vaccines AG


Research Interest: Viral vectors, viral vaccines, adenovirus, HIV vaccines, bacterial vaccines, production and purification of vaccines. Protein purification. Gene therapy and cell therapies viral vectors. 

Dr. Suelen Dos Santos



Research Interest: Dendritic cells; fungal infections; microbiology; innate immunity

Dr. Ibrahim Dadari

 UNICEF Pacific

 Solomon Islands

Research Interest: Interested in New vaccines development and introductions, especially extending equitable coverage to marginalised groups. Innovative ideas and concepts in vaccinology and immune response to vaccines. VPD surveillance and Polio eradication. 

Dr. Parikshit Tyagi

 Serum Institute of India


Research Interest: Working on viral vaccines Pandemic and seasonal influenza, MMR group, yellow fever, dengue etc

Dr. Laurent Dembele

 University of Science, Technique and Technologies of Bamako/Malaria Research and Training Center (MRTC)


Research Interest: Malaria liver stage drug discovery and Plasmodium drug resistance

Dr. Ali Mirjalili

 Razi vaccine and serum research institute


Research Interest: Vaccine and Diagnostic kits

Dr. Mehdi Mahdavi

 Pasteur Institute of Iran and Recombinant Vaccine Research Center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences