Ology online journals: A world leader in Open Access

Destined to be a major open access publisher, Ology Press is one of the fastest growing open access journals available today. Ology online publishing brings scientific information to an unlimited number of interested researchers, scholars, students and the public, without usage fees and without restrictions. Ology Press is dedicated to furthering science by reporting new research and by making the results of this research available to all. While there are thousands of science journals, Ology Press sets itself apart from the rest by providing peer-reviewed research results in an easy-to-use, reliable open access format.

Open Access with Ology Press

Ology Press provides open access to all its scholarly journals, allowing researchers, scholars, doctors, students, scientists and the public access to new research information published from every field of research. Ology online publishing makes it easy for users of all levels to find the most recent research from leading scholarly publishers. Ology Press presents a wide variety of science journals, medical journals, engineering journals, and more. Each journal contains relevant and interesting ology articles and research.

The Budapest Open Access Initiative was the first to define open access in February 2002 when leaders of the Open Access movement described free and unrestricted online availability of peer-reviewed journals to anyone with a computer and internet connection.

In the spirit of the advancement of science and free distribution of scientific knowledge, Ology online journals makes the entire content of all its present and past journals immediately and permanently accessible online free of charge. Ology Press permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the user cites the original authors and the source.