Cancer and Oncology: Open Access Journal (COOAJ)

Open Access Journal

Reviewer Board

Xiao Liu

 University of Chicago

 United States of America

Research Interest: Tumor Immunology, cancer biology

Dr. Robyn Leary

 Teva Pharmaceuticals

 United States of America

Research Interest: Hematology oncology, growth factors, stem cells, supportive 

Dr. Hegel Hernandez-Lopez

 Bristol-Myers Squibb


Research Interest: Immuno-oncology, cervical cancer and HPV, advanced renal cancer, prostate cancer, advanced urothelial cancer, cancer genomics, cancer proteomics, molecular biology of cancer, splicing.

Muhammad Mumtaz

 Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia

 Saudi Arabia

Dr. Bharat Kumar Chaganty

 Visterra, inc.

 United States of America

Research Interest: Cancer vaccines, cancer Therapeutics. Oncology, cancer cell signaling, cancer immunology

Rachita Lahri

 King's College London

 United Kingdom

Research Interest: Cancer biology, molecular biology, colorectal cancer, epigenetic markers, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, microwave imaging, nanomaterials

Madhuri Kambhampati

 Children's National Medical Center

 United States of America

Research Interest: Brain tumor, cellular and molecular biology, Neuro-Oncology

Vinton Cheng

 University of Oxford

 United Kingdom

Research Interest: Neuro-oncology Brain metastasis Cancer Chemotherapy 

Dr. Ajit Shah

 University of California, San Francisco

 United States of America

Research Interest: Cancer, Hypoxia, Lung cancer, Diabetes, Immunotherapy, Drug development, Next Gen Sequencing

Dr. Kulveer Singh


 United Kingdom

Research Interest: Oncology, Immunology, Dermatology

Carlos Armando Zepeda Velázquez

 Ontario Institute for Cancer Research


Research Interest: Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Discovery, Organic chemistry

Lukasz Sobkowiak

 Medical Advisor - Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine